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Lynn Polyak
Pink is my new obsession .
Assaf Benharroch
Best short you will see this month!
Telecom Explanatory
Telecom Startup
Telecom Explanatory
Telecom Startup

Another confidential project includes six chapters, explaining and demonstrating cutting-edge technological communication products. It is not possible to present the full project but here’s a glimpse into some representative images.

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Yoav Shtibelman
Direction & animation
Assaf Benharroch
Art director
Lynn Polyak
Studio management
Eyal Oren
Desginer and story board artist
Inbal Ochayun
Set assistent
Maayan Tzuriel
Sivan Fiterman
Ophir Gal
Sound design and Music
Assaf Rapaport
Music and sound effects
Idan Vardi
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