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Hashgacha Pratit Foundation
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Hashgacha Pratit Foundation

Hashgacha Pratit (Private supervision) is an orthodox company that works to break the Rabbinate monopoly in Israel. So far it is doing very successfully.

Did you know that if you get married in Israel, not with the Rabbinate, you can be incarcerated for 2 years? both the couple and the Rabbie who married them. And if you are Russians it's almost impossible to get a marriage certificate. Hashgacha Pratit is trying to change this, they have already broke the Kosher monopoly of the Rabbinate, and now you can get a Kosher approval from a private religious court. Now they have started working on breaking the wedding monopoly.

We joined the ultra-talented Gon Ben Ari on his journey of pissing the Rabbinate off and getting as many people as possible to be aware of this strange situation in the name of religion. 

Nominated for "Official selection" on ASIF animation festival 2020.

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